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License Holder for Vmax 1700

License Holder for Vmax 1700


License plate holder for Yamaha Vmax 1700.
This high-quality stainless steel license plate holder fits perfectly with the Vmax.
The Vmax logo gives the license plate holder the unique touch.
The license plate holder can be moved ca. 20 mm in length to the vehicle.
The angle of inclination is widely adjustable.
Regulation within the EU is maximum 30 ° angle of inclination.

Available with Indicator Holder with M5 hole (example Kellermann Mini Indicator) or M8 hole.

Top Quality
Material: V2A Stainless Steel
Perfect Fitting
Ready to mount
Includit Fastening in V2A Stainless Steel
Design and manufactured in germany.
Weight incl. Fastening: 428g

For an addprice from 9,95 can you Order an reflector Measure 100x13mm and an License plate light Micro LED addprice 21,95€

Reflector + 9,95€
License Plate Light Micro LED + 21,95€
259-100.jpg Kennzeichenbeleuchtung Vmax 1700.jpg
Here will you found Indicator
Bullet Atto leuchtend.jpg

Sequenzblinker - Kopie.jpg
An complited License holder includit Indicator ans all necessary Parts will you found here:

Hole Indicator Fastening  
License Plate Light  
In Stock
:Deliverytime in Workdays , after receive the Payment: DE 2-3 Days, EU 3-4 Days, World 8-10 Days
120,00 EUR
Quantity: Pieces
Deliverycontent: License holder, Fastening.

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