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Radiator covering for Vmax 1700

Radiator covering for Vmax 1700


Radiator covering for YamahaVmax 1700.
The high-quality fitting radiator covering fit perfectly into the design of your Vmax.
The radiator grille is made of GFK with a white gelcoat coating.

The delivery is unpainted.

The fixing is carried out at the original holding points with the original screws.
The installation instructions radiator cover for Vmax 1700 can be found here

Important NOTE:
The black grids shown in the pictures are not included!
Such stretching grids can be obtained very cost-effectively in various variants in the motor vehicle accessories.
Simply cut and stick with a hot glue gun.

Top Quality
Perfect Fitting
Design and manufactured in germany.

Out of stock ,supplier product
:Deliverytime in Workdays , after receive the Payment: DE 30-32 Days, EU 33 -35-Days, World 43-45 Days
275,00 EUR
Quantity: Pair
Deliverycontent: Pair Radiator Covering GFK unpainted white.
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