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Rigid engine mount for Vmax 1200

Rigid engine mount for Vmax 1200


Rigid engine mount suitable for Yamaha Vmax 1200, all years of manufacturing.
The frame bushings are made of high-strength aluminium and are CNC machined.
The set consists of 4 front and 2 rear frame bushes, silver matt anodized.
A detailed installation instruction will be online within the next days.

Technical explanation:
With all V-Max the engine is suspended in six rubber bearings (silent bushes) in the frame.
The engine does not act as a supporting frame part and therefore has no stabilizing effect.
This construction dates back to 1983 and satisfied the requirements of the US market at that time with a maximum speed of 65 MP/h
If you look at modern motorcycle designs, you will notice that frame and engine are bolted together to form a rigid unit, i.e. the engine is a supporting part of the frame.
This measure provides the required stability of the chassis.

Years of experience have shown that the standard Vmax starts to hit dangerously with the handlebars at about 140 to 150 km/h.
Due to the rigid engine mounts and otherwise unchanged chassis, this pendulum inclination shifts to approx. 200 Km/h.
The handling is also much more precise, the bike follows every steering command very precisely and stays on track even during hard braking maneuvers.

If you want to make further suspension improvements you have to change to low profile tyres.
We recommend:
Front 3,5 x 17J or 18 J with 120/70 tyres
Rear 5.5 x 17 with 180/55 or 190/50
Tyre brand currently TOP - Michelin Pilot Road 5, super handy, stable and long running time
Further improvements would be other rear shock absorbers in a slightly longer version up to 50 mm.

  • 100% accurately,
  • Top quality,
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany
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:Deliverytime in Workdays , after receive the Payment: DE 2-3 Days, EU 3-4 Days, World 8-10 Days
185,00 EUR
Quantity: Set
Deliverycontent: 6 frame sockets
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