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Ignition Cable

Ignition Cable


High Tension Spark Plug Cable

Important note: These plug does not fit with all aftermarket ignition systems.
Please clarify the starting before buying with us.
Please check before purchase or installation of the warranty policy for your motorcycle.

Complete with sparkplug caps in a choice of angles 180°, 90° or 45°.
Colours: black, Red, Blue und yellow. Price per pieces!
Please indicate choice of colour and bike type when ordering.

High Tension cable Standard

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Ask anyone who has been hit by lightning about the power behind an electric spark!.
Even today, the ignition spark is the driving power behind every combustion engine.
The stronger the spark, the better the starting and running performance of the engine.
With a current of 0,1 amp and a power of 300 watt, a normal ignition spark reaches a temperature of between 1,000°C and 1,500°C.
These figures can be dramaticaly increased with the use of Nology high tension cables.
The improved ignition spark reaches a temperature of 55,000°C with a current of 1000 amps and a power of 100,000 watts.
The trick is in timing!.
A normal ignition spark needs one to three milliseconds where as the Nology ignition spark reqires an unbelievable four nanoseconds - that´s about a million times faster!.
This process is enabled through the use of a flexable steel coating with an ground connection, similar to a capacitor.
because of the hotter and faster spark the combustion process runs smoother and is more efficient.
depending on the type of engine, there will be a noticable improvement in engine revs, power and smoother running as well as reduced petrol consumption and carbon build up on the piston heads.

  • Engine starts (warm or cold) are quicker.
  • Engine warm up time is reduced.
  • The engine runs smoother.
  • Accelleration is quicker and smoother.
  • A measurable increase in engine revs of between 3-8% in the lower and middle ranges.
  • No more engine "plinking".
  • The improved combustion results in reduced petrol consumptiom of about 10%.

You can ordered also at on added from 10,50 Euro/pieces the Spark Plugs too.
Important: Please tell the Typ und Name from your Spark Plugs that you used at Time.

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Quantity: Pieces
Please check before buying or installing the relevant warranty conditions for your bike!
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