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CLS heated grip system 12 cm wide grips

CLS heated grip system 12 cm wide grips


CLS heated grip system 12 cm wide grips
Heating grip control with a difference.
The special feature of this system is the temperature-dependent control.
With standard heating grips you have a step circuit, which is always a compromise and rarely fits.

The CLS Heat measures the temperature independently and changes the heat output with each °C difference.
Since everyone is sensitive to heat differently, you can shift the control range and thus adapt it to your personal heat sensation.
In this way, the system can be perfectly adjusted to your personal needs.

The system also has an automatic preheating function.
This means that the handles are preheated as needed, depending on the temperature, to quickly bring them up to operating temperature.
The control heats even before you have cold fingers, with a heating power that is barely noticeable at the start.
This ensures that your fingers don't get clammy in the first place.

Forget all your previous experiences with heated grips.
The CLS Heat simply works differently.
With step systems, you always make a compromise.
There is always too much or too little heating power on your hands.
Lazy compromises are not for CLS, which is why the CLS Heat heating grip system constantly adjusts to the outside temperature.
You can adjust the control range to your personal feeling of warmth.
The CLS Heat control system does the rest.

  • Advantages at a glance:
  • automatic temperature control
  • very pleasant temperature development, not too much and not too little
  • adjustable to the personal heat sensation
  • automatic preheating at low temperatures
  • quick and easy connection of other accessories
  • 5 years warranty
  • made in Germany

Well thought-out and developed from practical experience, CLS convinces with innovative technology and highest quality.
All small parts are included in the kit. You do not have to order anything extra.

Here you can view or download the installation instructions for the CLS Heat, sorry only in german
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