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Big fuel gas Tank for Yamaha Vmax 1200, 20 Liter

Big fuel gas Tank for Yamaha Vmax 1200, 20 Liter

Yamaha Vmax fuel gas Tank, 20 Liter-5,3 US Gallonen Tank for your VMax 1200.


Tank for Yamaha Vmax 1200.
Bigger fuel gas tank Vmax for 20 liter- 5,3 US-Gallone fits Vmax 1200 all Years and Models.
Many V max riders are not satisfied with the small 15 litre original tank.
Furthermore the accessory tanks offered by many tuning firms "look damn ugly" nor do they take account of the weight distribution.
We have decided to build a synthetic material biggerV Max Tank that replaces the original V Max Tank and has a greater capacity.

The Tank fits all V-Max`s that still have the original frame.
Since this tank has been enlarged in all directions the space in the frame is reduced to a minimum.

Please take the following into account:

1: The rear shock absorbers must be fully sprung and have at least the length of the original shock absorbers.

2: The rear swing arm should not be higher beneath the tank than the original swing arm. Accessory steel swing arms from Class, Degget, Krueger & Junginger and OTEC are all suitable.
Others like CNC-milled Fischer-swings or one arm swings need to be tested in each case for the required distance.
When ordering please state what kind of swing arm you are using!

3: At the end of the series exhaust pipes you'll find a heat shield.
This may "not be removed".

Retrofit kits like 4 in 1 or 4 in 2 BSM and others don't have such heat shields.
In that case we will offer the matching heat shield at an addprice from 44.-€.
Please tell us by Order.


The following rear wheels / tire combination may be used:
Original, 5,0 X 17-170/60, 5,5 X 17-180/55 and 190/50, 6,0 X 17 180/55 also 190/50.

Depending on the type of installation wheel / tire, combinations of different sizes may be used.
For example 6,25 X 17 J or 5 X 18J 170/60.
The last one does have in fact the same dimension as the original one.
Each case must be looked at individually!
With wheels from 5,5 J and up there may be a slight track offset to the right.
This must be corrected using an adjustable swing bearing pin

As mentioned before will the tank fit into the frame without any adjustments, except the fender in the area of the tank must be shortened for about 3 centimeter (as shown).


All Schwabenmax Rearfender will be fit without any Modification for the Tank.
The series synthetic fender to the rear wheel is no longer necessary.
For other seats Big Bike tail rebuilds or alike, the space conditions must be discussed separately.
The Corbin seat is fit without any modification.
The filler pipe is positioned as on the original.

The series tank cap, rubberbands, gasoline filters may be used.

Technical details:
Rotation glace proceeded DIN 16901,160.
Construction materal VEPE. Smooth,non-paintable surface.
Heat resistant up to 85 Celsius, melting point at 120 Celsius.
Remark: max. temperature reached in a real test was in the area of 60 Celsius.
Empty weight approximately 2200 grams, maximum content 20,0 litre incl 2.7 Litre reserve.

The construction material VEPE will expand after filling up with gasoline.
The expansion value is 1,74% after 30 days and approximately 2% after 1 year.
The tank then remains in this form. This expansion benefits the volume.
The stated value of 20,5 litre corresponds to the tank-content after 30/60 days.
This was taken into account at modeling and construction of the tank.

This consequently also guarantees that the tank after conclusion of its expansion can easily be removed and installed.

German TÜV Certificate includit.
Design and Manufacturing in Germany.
Here you will find an assembly manual with pictures

Please tell us your swingarm  
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:Deliverytime in Workdays , after receive the Payment: DE 2-3 Days, EU 3-4 Days, World 8-10 Days
598,00 EUR
Quantity: Pieces
Tank fit for Vmax 1200 all Models.
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